Property Management

Our team of professional property management staff are highly trained, 100% devoted to seeing your property generate the highest possible revenue streams, and motivated to work as if the property were their own. Our team members engage in continuing education and constantly enhance their skills to step in and take over previously mismanaged properties. With patience and professionalism our property managers are able to salvage situations from disaster.

Joel Image | Sherman and Hemstreet

Joel Weathersbee, CPM

Senior Vice President / Residential Property Management

Office: (706) 288-1075

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Amanda | Sherman and Hemstreet

Amanda Price

Director of Residential Property Management

Office: (706) 922-0394

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Ben Dieterich | Sherman and Hemstreet

Ben Dieterich

Director of Commercial Property Management

Office: (706) 922-0388

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Nora Grimaud | Sherman and Hemstreet

Nora Grimaud

Affordable Housing Property Manager

Office: (706) 722-8334

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Ally Image33 | Sherman and Hemstreet

Ally McCann Whitlock

New Business Development Residential Property Management

Office: (706) 288-1068

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Sabrina Wischnewski Photo | Sherman and Hemstreet

Sabrina Wischnewski

Residential Property Manager

Office: (706) 288-1082

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Courtney Hooks Image | Sherman and Hemstreet

Courtney Hooks

Residential Property Management Support

Office: (706) 922-0387

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Brandon Corbin Image | Sherman and Hemstreet

Brandon Corbin

Residential Property Management Support

Office: (706) 288-1067

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Omara Ali Photo | Sherman and Hemstreet

Omara Ali

Assistant Commercial Property Manager

Office: (706) 288-1084

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Hannah Goodwin Photo | Sherman and Hemstreet

Hannah Goodwin

Commercial Property Management Support

Office: (706) 922-0318

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KarenPhoto | Sherman and Hemstreet

Karen Richards

Affordable Housing Property Management Support

Office: (706) 922-0413

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Joseph Edge Image | Sherman and Hemstreet

Joseph Edge, Jr.

Condominium Association Manager

Office: (706) 288-1071

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Norma Photo | Sherman and Hemstreet

Norma Edge


Office: (706) 288-1083

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