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Nafta article Joe photo  | Sherman and Hemstreet

What Impact Will The New NAFTA Have On Commercial Real Estate In Georgia

It's no secret that the original NAFTA deal had several negative ramifications to commercial real estate throughout the U.S. While the auto industry was mostly affected in northern areas the southern states saw negative changes related to agriculture exports, textiles, and other manufacturing.

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James Brown arena | Sherman and Hemstreet

The Real Economic Development Impact of Moving the Arena to the Regency Mall

Augusta has been buzzing about the hastily made proposal to move the James Brown Arena 6 miles south of Downtown to the old Regency Mall site. From a commercial real estate background, Joe Edge offers his thoughts on this proposal.

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Business Exit Summary | Sherman and Hemstreet

Does Your Business Need an Exit Strategy? By Joe Edge

Buying or selling a business is one of the most challenging processes one can go through. It?s not a common practice and there?s a limited community of professionals to offer advice and support.

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FBSO Tombstone | Sherman and Hemstreet

Death of the FSBO by Joe Edge

According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2016 less than 10% of all real estate transactions were handled without a Realtor. This trend has been growing over the years as fewer and fewer people are trying to sell their property without the help of a licensed professional.

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Invest banner 2 | Sherman and Hemstreet

Invest in a Real Estate Legacy by Joe Edge

I have never met a person who didn?t have a desire to leave something to their family that represented their life?s work and accomplishments. We all want to leave a legacy that helps to provide for our loved ones long after we are gone. Currently, those in the baby boomer generation are struggling with the issue of how to pass along their assets and legacy without leaving huge tax burdens. Personally it makes by stomach turn knowing that you can work your entire life to build up a portfolio of assets only for it to later be taken from your family in the form of taxes.

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Manufacturing Pano 2 | Sherman and Hemstreet

The Real Estate Multiplier By Joe Edge

For most communities, the manufacturing and industrial market is vital for economic potential. While Augusta benefits from forces like Fort Gordon and the medical community, regional manufacturing and industrial partners remain a key driver in the sustainability and growth of our job market. As real estate professionals we work with economic developers to bring jobs to our community, but we understand that not all jobs are created equal.

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Alcohol Summary Resource | Sherman and Hemstreet

Alcohol and Real Estate: The Value Impact By Joe Edge

If you?ve been paying attention, you?ve seen a lot of discussion in our community lately about establishments that serve alcoholic beverages and the impact they have on our community. One impact that is often ignored is real estate value.

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Store Closing | Sherman and Hemstreet

Why Retail is Closing by Joe Edge

In the natural life cycle of retail properties vacancy and absorption rates vary. But most recently in the Augusta market there have been a large number of big box stores and several smaller national retailers close up shop. Should this be a cause for concern or is this just the normal ebb and flow of the retail market?

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Joe Edge Gould Barrett | Sherman and Hemstreet

Joe Edge, President of Sherman & Hemstreet, Wins H. Gould Barrett Award

February 14, 2017 (Augusta, GA) - Sherman & Hemstreet announced today that Joe Edge, President of Sherman & Hemstreet, won the H. Gould Barrett Award from the Greater Augusta Association of Realtors. The award is handed out annually to the agent with the most unique sale of the year.

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